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Hydration Infusions

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An appointment with Infuse Wellness is easy! Walk-ins are always welcome, give us a call, or book online!

(Walk-ins: please arrive at least one hour prior to closing time!)

IV infusion therapy delivers vitamins, micronutrients, & electrolytes directly into your bloodstream. Unlike taking a pill or drinking a drink, intravenous delivery bypasses the digestive system  & is the quickest way to give your body the nutrients it needs. Take a look at our menu!


Work Hard/Play Hard

Our most well-rounded infusion!  Post work-out treatment, pre-treatment before competitions, treat or prevent jet lag, low energy from demanding schedule or chemotherapy, poor sleep patterns, night-out overindulgence. 

IV fluids, magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, 6 different B-vitamins (1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 12)


(If choosing this infusion as you train for competition, we recommend this infusion once a week for a month as a performance enhancer.)


Inner Glow

Take our most popular drip & ramp it up with extra Vitamin C,

biotin, & a Glutathione push at the end!

Your skin will love the extra anti-oxidants & will give you that inner glow


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Bounce Back
Cold & Flu Blues

Recover from cold & flu symptoms quicker, helps with seasonal allergies.


IV fluids, magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, 6 different B-vitamins, & zinc.


Joint Revive

Homeopathic alternative to NSAIDS & steroids

The combination of natural botanicals & minerals

 soothe pain, inflammation, & stiffness associated with arthrosis, osteoarthritis, & rheumatic joint diseases.


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Migraine Relief
Debilitating Headache

Option 1 - IV fluids w/ micronutrients, anti-inflammatory, & anti-nausea

(IV fluids, Mg, Ca, vit C, 6 B-vitamins, toradol, & zofran)     


Option 2 - SPG block with local anesthetic (no IV, no needles)

Local anesthetic delivered into both nares using an atomizer to anesthetize the SphenoPalatine Ganglion at the base of your nose


Hydration Party
Unique Party Idea 

Enjoying your time at the beach?  Bachelor party?  

Girls night out? Kick that morning-after feeling to the curb with our hangover helper.....or even better, prevent the morning hangover with pre-treatment!

IV fluids, magnesium, vitamin C, 6 B-vitamins, 

2 anti-inflammatories, anti-nausea, & GI soother.

(10% discount for parties of 6 or more.)


Call us to book a hydration party of 6 or more!

Beach Volleyball Game
Patient with Healthcare Nurse

High-Dose Vitamin C is used as a holistic addition to acute, ongoing, & post cancer treatment. Also used to help the symptoms associated with Chronic Lyme Disease.

(High dose Vitamin C requires bloodwork before administration, a simple G6PD deficiency test.)

After completing the G6PD deficiency test, this treatment may be done once or twice a week.

         25 Grams Vit C

            50 Grams Vit C

           25 Grams Vit C + the Energize drip

           50 Grams Vit C + the Energize drip





Add Ons or Solos - $19

​​Zofran (ondansetron) - anti-nausea

      May be added to fluids, given one-shot IV, or IM

Toradol (ketorolac) - non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) 

May be added to fluids, given one-shot IV, or IM

Decadron (dexamethasone) - steroid-based anti-inflammatory

 May be added to fluids, given one-shot IV, or IM

Pepcid (famatodine) - GI relief 

May be added to fluids or given one-shot IV

Also available:  Phenergen & Benadryl

Warm Up on the Beach
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