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Hydration Infusions

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An appointment with Infuse Wellness is easy! Walk-ins are always welcome, give us a call, or book online!

(Walk-ins: please arrive at least one hour prior to closing time!)

IV infusion therapy delivers vitamins, micronutrients, & electrolytes directly into your bloodstream. Unlike taking a pill or drinking a drink, intravenous delivery bypasses the digestive system  & is the quickest way to give your body the nutrients it needs. Take a look at our menu!


Work Hard/Play Hard

Our most well-rounded infusion!  Post work-out treatment, pre-treatment before competitions, treat or prevent jet lag, low energy from demanding schedule or chemotherapy, poor sleep patterns, night-out overindulgence. 

IV fluids, magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, 6 different B-vitamins (1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 12)


(If choosing this infusion as you train for competition, we recommend this infusion once a week for a month as a performance enhancer.)


Inner Glow

Take our most popular drip & ramp it up with extra Vitamin C,

biotin, & a Glutathione push at the end!

Your skin will love the extra anti-oxidants & will give you that inner glow


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Bounce Back
Cold & Flu Blues

Recover from cold & flu symptoms quicker, helps with seasonal allergies.


IV fluids, magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, 6 different B-vitamins, & zinc.


Joint Revive

Homeopathic alternative to NSAIDS & steroids

The combination of natural botanicals & minerals

 soothe pain, inflammation, & stiffness associated with arthrosis, osteoarthritis, & rheumatic joint diseases.


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Migraine Relief
Debilitating Headache

Option 1 - IV fluids w/ micronutrients, anti-inflammatory, & anti-nausea V fluids, Mg, Ca, vit C, 6 B vitamins, toradol, & zofran       


Option 2 - SPG block with local anesthetic (no IV, no needles) Local anesthetic delivered into both nares using long Q-tips    


Hydration Party
Unique Party Idea 

Planning a fun night?  Bachelor party?  Girls night out?  Kick that morning-after feeling to the curb with our hangover helper.....or even better, prevent the morning hangover with pre-treatment!

IV fluids, magnesium, vitamin C, 6 B vitamins, 

2 anti-inflammatories, & anti-nausea.

(10% discount for parties of 6 or more.)


Call us to book a hydration party of 6 or more!


High-Dose Vitamin C is used as a holistic addition to acute, ongoing, & post cancer treatment. Also used to help the symptoms associated with Chronic Lyme Disease.

(High dose Vitamin C requires bloodwork before administration, a simple G6PD deficiency test.)

After completing the G6PD deficiency test, this treatment may be done once or twice a week.

25 Grams Vit C

50 Grams Vit C

25 Grams Vit C + the Energize drip

50 Grams Vit C + the Energize drip





Add Ons or Solos - $19

​​Zofran (ondansetron) - anti-nausea

      May be added to fluids, given one-shot IV, or IM

Toradol (ketorolac) - non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) May be added to fluids, given one-shot IV, or IM

Decadron (dexamethasone) - corticosteroid

 May be added to fluids, given one-shot IV, or IM

Pepcid (famatodine) - GI relief 

May be added to fluids or given one-shot IV

Also available:  Phenergen & Benadryl

Warm Up on the Beach
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